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12-10-02 1:53 PM | yoona | www

hehehehe yaaaaay thank u oni-tama for everything u have done for me!!!!!!!!!

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12-08-02 7:58 PM | Michael P. Williamson, the artist formarly known as Tommy | www

YAY!! ^_^ Someone is actually going to call me by the name I PREFER! ^_^

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12-01-02 10:47 AM | Claire | www

Ooooh!!! Sparkley new domain! And its all coolio, I likes, I likes!

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11-11-02 2:15 AM | Vinnie | www

I just realized something.

I'm going to start calling you Michael P. Williamson.

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10-28-02 1:38 PM | Claire | www

Frankyou! Frankyou! Frankyou! Yay! Your sites back up! *hugs* Thankyou! Yay!
Sorry, but thanks so much, :)

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09-11-02 7:12 PM | MUH NAME IS CHESTUH ROCKABERRY!!!!! | www


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09-11-02 7:10 PM | Michael P. Williamson, but everyone knows me by my pen name, which is Tommy, which I got from the Who album entitles | www

Well, Travis-sama, with all of my guestbook signatures here using fake names, and fake e-mail addresses, and different typing styles, I believe it is time for me to tell you what I really think of http://faaip.com. Faaip.com is a wonderful website. And, I do not mean wonderful like cremed cheese, I mean wonderful, with SUBSTANCE. Many people have claimed your website has no content on it, but they know nothing. Faaip.com is a wonderful little gem, which should be worshipped by Incans. The former "stuff" part of faaip.com, where you shared your views on important matters, is sheer genius. You go into powerful detail, and you make us understand, even if you have to pack it into our minds. Your layout is just flabbergasting, and when I see it, I always have to wipe my lower lip, for I have been drooling at it's beauty.

Travis-sama, I thank you for giving me so many hours of joy with this wonderful website. Please, continue to be as cool as you already have succeeded at being. Thank you for your time.

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09-09-02 7:28 PM | Craig (Infekted) | www

Oni, you POSER! I WILL HACK INTO YOUR COMPUTER! You ruined Anime Archivez X, 14/\/\3|2! DIE!

By the way, your site blows!

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09-03-02 6:43 PM | Tea | www

It's been kinda lonely in here so I thought I'd stick an entry in..^_^ My head should be dizzy from your constant changes in the layout..but seeing how often you play around with it, my brain just sorta kicks in and adjust accordingly...kehe~ I'm even surprised you kept that last one going for a bit before your fingers got too itchy. ;) By the way, I'm loving your logs...it's keeping me updated when I keep missing you online..dammit! >_< Besides, I went down for the coolest person you know! What's not to like about them logs? =D

(btw, have you fallen through the hole? you're not talking at the moment!!) -_-;;

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08-11-02 6:58 PM | Timothy (Animeking) | www

Nice Meters.

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