N00bs / Newbies / Sacrificial lambs
I've seen very many people being hassled because they're new at a board. Rather funny when the one hassling them has the brain of a retarded 3-year-old. But the retard would have better typing skills. It can be funny to an extent, but some people go too far. I've seen some members banned for posting one stupid post. And then they're mocked by the rest of the members. Sure, if the board's that messed up, the newbie's better off not getting into it to begin with. But it's not fair to expect perfection right off the bat, especially with most sites/boards' lack of rules.

However, I think some places allow a rediculous amount of shit to be posted by newbies. Simply because they are new does not mean they are above the rules. Nor does age have any bearing on any issue... at all. A 10-year-old should know just as well as an adult that when the boss tells you to stop jacking off in his coffee, you zip up your pants and apologize.. If there's a FAQ, for the love of God, read it! This is the main reason for the bashing in the first place. You are expected to read the rules. In the beginning the members that now loathe you would've accepted you with open arms. Because some dumbass decided to ignore everything and everyone and do what he wanted, they're paranoid. Don't make the situation any worse on yourself.

If communities don't accept new members, they will inevitably die. There's no two ways about it. They'll dwindle down to 3 members posting, ironically, "what the hell happened here?" every two weeks. Sadly enough, this doesn't happen to the ones it should. Or, rather, it hasn't yet. I relish the opportunity to be the dick that jumps in and says "I told you so" once it's down to just the admin.

Message to newbies: Don't be stupid. Read the rules, and if a staff member gives you advice, listen. Make friends. Tell everybody else to fuck off.
Message to newbie-bashers: I hate you.