Posted by Travis on Saturday, November 16


It doesn't look like my domain is going to get transferred. I'm tired of bugging my host about it, as they don't respond. So I'm considering registering a new domain myself, so this will never be a problem again. Only problem is that I have no idea what kind of name to register. was the best I could do.


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Posted by Tim [w] @ 11/16/02 09:16 PM

um well if I type in it shows your site.

but as of names, you could try

Well those are just only names I could think of. I just followed the tool vibe.

Posted by Alex @ 11/16/02 10:36 PM

Well, if "faaip" means "voice", why not try "oiad", for "god"?

Posted by Travis @ 11/16/02 11:28 PM

There is no way I'm using my last name ^_^;;

I thought about oiad for a while, but it doesn't have the same ring as faaip ;p

Leaning towards "rakuen" at this point. :\

Posted by Sarah [w] @ 11/17/02 02:09 PM - you KNOW you want to!

Posted by Travis @ 11/17/02 06:52 PM

Sarah, is already registered, as is .org and .net :p

I just discovered that registering the domain I want will cost $80. I don't have that kind of money... =P

Posted by Alex @ 11/20/02 09:46 PM

Yeah, Faaip does feel better to say then Oiad, I guess, but still. It might grow on you.

Posted by Alex @ 11/20/02 09:47 PM

Sorry, forgot oen thing: what's the significance of "rakuen"?

Posted by Travis @ 11/21/02 05:07 PM

Rakuen is Japanese for "paradise," as far as I know :|

Posted by Alex @ 11/21/02 06:53 PM

That's cool. I didn't know that. ;p

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