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     In a perfect world, people in general will hear the album, be inspired and do something extraordinary. I hope someone might use us as a backdrop for inspiration for some other activity they excel in. I'm not going to spoon feed anybody and rob them of their own personal experiences. I read the interpretations of the lyrics that people send to the Tool web page. They're way off. But that's fine.
     I really do have more faith in humanity than most people think I do. I get resentful and upset when people don't use their head about stuff. It upsets me when people are selling themselves short and letting themselves down, whether it's education or information.

- Maynard James Keenan


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Posted by Alex @ 11/24/02 10:41 PM

Wow, that's good. Where'd you get the quote from, Travis? I like it. Anyways, what's up with the change, and the lack of all your stuff other than the hosted people?

Posted by Travis @ 11/24/02 10:45 PM

I got it from The Tool Page's forum entry page. Once I saw it, I had to put it up :p

I'm getting a new domain soon, possibly next week, so I just decided to take everything down and hopefully come up with a new layout until then.

Posted by Alex @ 11/25/02 03:41 PM

Ah, that's cool. Yeah, I like the Tool Page. I like better, though. It's alot slicker, and has alot more information, that is, in some cases. I actually got the lists of the guitar equipment Tool uses from The Tool Page, though, so I'm pretty happy with that.

Well, good luck with your new domain. I'll be there when it's up.

Posted by Travis @ 11/25/02 04:45 PM

I just go to the Tool Page for the forum now. I love reading peoples' interpretations of the songs, especially those from Lateralus (even Eon Blue Apocalypse has a few ;p). Other than that, I just browse around for the hell of it.'s a good site, but the shipping is really damn slow for anything you buy there. It took more than a month for my sweatshirst to get here, though that's understandable, I guess. It turned out to be too small, though. @_@

I'm just waiting for my mom to give me the ok with the domain. It's close to Christmas, so she doesn't really want me spending what little money I have.

Posted by téa [w] @ 11/25/02 07:56 PM

you're going to change your layout again? ^_^;; i really shouldn't be surprised. keehee~ anyhow, i really like that quote you got. =) i miss your blog though. -_-

and i miss you already. =(

Posted by Alex @ 11/25/02 08:01 PM

You know what, Travis? It's good that you've told me about that hoodie, cause I was going to buy it. I think I still am. From your description, I'm as tall as you, so I'd like to know, what size did you order? I'll just get a size bigger, since you said it's too small.

Another question about it. Was it too big? I don't mean that in the sense of the size, but is the material really thick and does it make you look two times the size you really are, or is it sort of thin (the way I'd want it).

Posted by Travis @ 11/25/02 08:31 PM

Tea: I want to, but I'm doubting that I will. I can't think of anything. I just expect one to come to me. I'm uncreative. Not really gonna happen. My blog will be back soon enough, unless I get used to this kind of format. ;) I miss you, too. But I'll probably leave you a barrage of offline messages over the course of the night ^_^;;

Alex: I ordered a large. It does fit, but I like my sweatshirts to hang down farther than my waste :p It's actually quite comfortable. It's not at all thick, but it'll still keep you warm. Anyways, I'd say get an extra-large, just in case.

Posted by Alex @ 11/26/02 03:43 PM

Are you sure I should get an extra large? Well, I am 12 (yet as tall as you. That wasn't meant as an insult, I'm tall, I guess), but I have pretty long legs, so I dunno.

Posted by Travis @ 11/26/02 05:30 PM

I'm a very short person, so no offense taken :p. The sweatshirt only went down to my waist, my shirt actually extended farther than it. So I'd say go for an extra large. :\

The design on the back is amazing, though. I didn't even want to send it back, I love it so much.

Posted by Alex @ 11/26/02 05:59 PM

Heh, okay. Most of my height is in my legs, so I don't know... I'll just have to decide. I'll most likely go with extra-large, I guess.

Posted by Travis @ 11/27/02 04:44 PM

I've seen quite a few people wearing that sweatshirt around my school, which is surprising. Before the concert, nobody wore anything. After, a lot of people were wearing Tool shirts. I see at least 20 every time I walk through the hall. =P

Posted by Alex @ 11/27/02 10:25 PM

You said none of your friends are interested in Tool. Or are you saying lots of other people from school went, and afterwards ordered the sweatshirt?

Posted by Travis @ 11/28/02 01:23 PM

None of my friends like Tool, no. In fact, most of them hate them (little bastards). Anyway, yeah, a hell of a lot of people went to the concert, and seeing that many fans gave them the "courage" to proclaim their love for Tool, I guess. =P

Posted by Alex @ 12/02/02 09:46 AM

Well, the sad thing for me, is that I missed my only chance to go to a Tool concert anytime soon. They've ended their Lateralus tour, and I missed their concert in Erie (2 hours from here), because it was on the same day as my school retreat, which I went to. If I had planned better... >_<;;

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/02/02 04:40 PM

Hey, at least they're releasing a live DVD. Better than nothing :\

Posted by Alex @ 12/02/02 08:18 PM

Yeah, isn't it supposed to be out early 2003?

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/02/02 10:37 PM

I really have no idea :p. Too lazy to look for an actual date. The mere fact that it will be released is enough info for me at this point. ^_^

Posted by Alex @ 12/03/02 03:49 PM

Yeah, I guess that's enough for most die hard fans. They already have a DVD out anyways. Well, someone does about them, at least. There's Toology, and Salival comes in DVD format, I think. I'm not sure if Toology is actually by them though.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/03/02 06:27 PM

Salival doesn't actually have any live footage. The CD's live, but the DVD is just their videos, as far as I know. :\

Posted by Alex @ 12/04/02 09:50 PM

Yeah, but still, it's a DVD. It's supposed to have all the videos they have on it except for Schism and Parabola, and then it has some new tracks and three old ones on the CD.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/04/02 11:51 PM

The only reason I really want Salival is because of Maynard's Dick. Good song, and apparently from the same timeframe as Opiate. :P

Posted by Alex @ 12/05/02 11:13 AM

Yeah, I like that song except for the end with all the body noises. That ruined the song. :p

No Quarter is awesome, I'd buy Salival just for that.

So Maynard's Dick was written around Opiate's time, but never made the album?

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/05/02 05:08 PM

The ending's a bit... off... but hey, it's funny =P

I haven't actually listened to No Quarter yet. I've had it on my comp for a few weeks now, but I don't actually listen to the music playing on Winamp. I just need the background noise. I'll have to burn it soon so I don't space out while listening o_o

Apparently. From what I've heard, it was recorded, but never put on the CD, so they re-recorded it for Salival.

Posted by Alex @ 12/05/02 06:12 PM

What CD was No Quarter intended for, Travis? Because it's really a Led Zepplilin song, and I doubt Tool would've even contemplated putting a cover on one of their full-length albums.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/05/02 10:45 PM

It wasn't really intended for an album, per se. I'm pretty sure they just started performing it live, and then later decided to put it on Salival.

Posted by Alex @ 12/06/02 03:56 PM

You need to listen to it all the way through. It's awesome. I just don't like how it speeds up at the end.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/06/02 11:02 PM

I just burned Jerk-Off, Hush, Sober, Maynard's Dick, No Quarter, and a few APC songs... so I'll listen to it later tonight. =P

Posted by Alex @ 12/07/02 09:08 PM

Good for you. No Quarter is an awesome song. You like APC too, I was guessing. My favorite song by them is Magdalena, and The Hollow.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/07/02 10:46 PM

I still haven't gotten around to listening to No Quarter... I fell asleep while listening to Flaw last night =P

My favorite APC song is "3 Libras", by far. I actually don't think there's a song on Mer De Noms that I don't like, though.

Posted by Alex @ 12/08/02 09:47 AM

Flaw? Band or a song?

Oh well. Mer de Noms is overall a good album, but there were a few songs on it I didn't really care for. I didn't like Rose too much.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/08/02 12:05 PM

Band. I've been listening to them a lot lately. More than Tool =P

BAH! I loved Rose, one of my favorites. Especially the ending...

Posted by Alex @ 12/08/02 02:14 PM

I haven't listened to Rose in a while, and to be honest, not even Mer de Noms. I don't like the beginning of Rose, so maybe that's what always discourages me from listening to it. But I do most of the time, because whenever I listen to an album, I listen to it all the way through, because I believe that good musicians set songs in a certain order for a reason. You know, so certain songs ease the tones between others.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/08/02 07:56 PM

I haven't listened to much of the album more than once (mainly just Rose, 3 Libras, Magdalena, and Orestes). Have to get around to that at some point. =P

I generally try to listen to the entire album, but it's difficult. Most of those I listen to are very relaxing, and I'm always tired... so I end up falling asleep at around the third track. I usually nod off during The Grudge when I'm listening to Lateralus, though. =P

Posted by Alex @ 12/09/02 02:26 PM

I fall asleep during Reflection during the times when I listen to Lateralus. I try not to, though, because Triad is one of my favorite songs.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/09/02 04:58 PM

I purposely avoid listening to Parabol, Reflection, and Disposition. They put me to sleep every single time I listen to them. I do listen to them if it's late and I can't sleep, though ;p

Posted by Alex @ 12/09/02 06:18 PM

Parabol doesn't last long enough for someone to fall asleep. :p

Well, in my opinion at least. It'd wake you up when it dives into Parabola, anyways.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/09/02 08:58 PM

It doesn't take me long at all to fall asleep. Anywhere from 3 to 8 minutes on average. And Parabola has woken me up a few times, but I generally sleep through it :p

Posted by Alex @ 12/10/02 08:41 PM

If I listen to the album all the way through, I normally fall asleep at Lateralus. That's too bad, though. It's my second favorite song.

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