Posted by Travis on Saturday, November 30

up and running

The new domain,, is finally up. As of now, I am not going to do anything with domains or hosts. If everything's deleted, tough. I'm not moving again. I'm very, very tired of all of this. Thankfully, though, my host has been incredibly helpful with everything, far better than my last.

All subdomains are now active. will remain as is. I won't be transferring it, and once the year is up, it will be up for registration by anyone who wants it. This is the last domain I will ever own, hopefully.

At least this one's been fun working on. I recoded all of the PHP for the index, comments, and archive page, making one big page. Much easier for me to work with now. o_o

Haven't talked to Tea very much in the past few days. Very lonely online without her to talk to. God, I miss her. ;_;


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Posted by Alex @ 12/01/02 08:48 PM

Well, it's good to see that everything's gone over well. Good luck with this new domain. I hope it works for you.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/01/02 11:31 PM

Thanks, and I hope it does myself :p. My new host kicks all kinds of ass, so I think things'll work out. They upgraded the Supreme package (which is what I have) to a 750 MB quota, which is 250 MB more than I signed up for. Not a bad "present" to discover... =P

Posted by Alex @ 12/02/02 09:43 AM

That's awesome. Some pretty good space, there. What do you plan to do with it? I say that in a month, if everything is still going smoothly, you try and get some material on the site, or something. Well, it's up to you. You could always do that mp3 of the week thing, though. Uploading a different song every week. Try some songs by Opeth, that band you were suggesting to everyone.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/02/02 04:53 PM

I'll just give my current hostees more space, I suppose. I may take a new hostee or two, if it comes up. Depends, though. Since Vince is gone, I've got the near-120 MB he was taking up free, so I really have about 370 MB more than I expected. And really nothing to do with it ;p

I actually am considering making an "mp3 of the week" section, but I'm not sure it's a good idea, seeing as it's illegal. =P

Posted by Alex @ 12/02/02 08:16 PM

... mp3s are illegal? I didn't even know that...

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/02/02 10:40 PM

The distribution of copyrighted material without giving the creator any payment is illegal. So if you have to pay for it, it's safe to assume getting it for free is illegal. ;)

Posted by Tim [w] @ 12/03/02 06:55 AM

You could put up one of those Disclaimer things. ^_^ But thats up to you. All you'd basically have to say is "By entering this page you disagree to the internet piracy law." then have a button or something that says Agree and Disagree.

Posted by Alex @ 12/03/02 03:47 PM

Tons of sites host mp3s, Travis. And they never get busted. No one will ever find a site like this in a search engine and look through it assuming it's hosting mp3s, and then busting you.

I say it's worth a try.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/03/02 06:28 PM

True, but that doesn't mean it's not wrong. I do have a sense of morality :p. I'm only making an exception for a few people.

Posted by Alex @ 12/04/02 09:48 PM

Well, I guess I was bein a bit too persuasive. It's your choice.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/04/02 11:54 PM

I probably will, but I'd hope putting songs up for download would get people to buy the albums instead of just downloading the entire thing. -_-

Posted by Alex @ 12/05/02 11:11 AM

I feel the same way. I only download songs or albums if I'm going to buy them in the future or already have them.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/05/02 05:09 PM

You really don't want to know how much I dislike people that download full albums and then justify it by saying they don't have any money. Stupid, stupid people.

Posted by Tim [w] @ 12/05/02 05:21 PM

Then they try to say they are true fans of that band. Even though they don't have any Albums. Atleast thats how it appears to me.

Posted by Alex @ 12/05/02 06:11 PM

Yeah, you're right, Tim. I have money, and a good amount of it, but right now I'm focusing on other people's Christmas gifts. o_0

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/05/02 10:43 PM

I completely agree.

This really reminds me of Tool's "Hooker With a Penis"... claiming to be a fan and yet not supporting the band, and turning on them the second they do something different. =P

Posted by Alex @ 12/06/02 03:55 PM

I never bothered finding out the meaning to that song, or really read the lyrics. Heh.

Hey Travis, can you post a Tool update on this site so we can talk strictly about it? Or is it okay to go off-topic right here?

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/06/02 11:04 PM

I've gotten to the point where I just use Hooker with a Penis as an actual insult. Quite fun considering the baffled reaction most people give ^_^

BAH! I'm too lazy to make a new entry. I have nothing to say. Just go ahead and say what you want ;)

Posted by Alex @ 12/07/02 09:07 PM

Mkay. Well, other than Schism, what's your favorite song on Lateralus? My favorite Tool song is Parabola.

And other than Sonne, what's your favorite song on Mutter? My favorite song on Mutter is Adios, and it's also my favorite Rammstein song.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/07/02 10:50 PM

Wow, tough questions. -_- They're both just amazing albums, it's hard enough choosing one favorite, let alone more...

I'd say Lateralus is my second favorite song. The Patient and The Grudge are great, too, though. :\

Damn you :P. This is even harder than Lateralus. Ich Will, Mein Herz brennt, and Spieluhr are tied. Just can't choose.

Posted by Alex @ 12/08/02 09:45 AM

Yeah, Lateralus is an incredible song. The guitar near the end is just awesome.

I've always had alot of trouble choosing my favorites on Mutter. I'd have to say that my favorite is Adios, and my runner-up favorites are Spieluhr, Nebel, and... well, I'm trying to say Ich Will, but it's sort of a song of a different calibur than Nebel or Spieluhr. =/

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/08/02 12:11 PM

I always thought of Ich Will as a kind of extension of Mutter (the song), I listen to Mutter first and then Ich Will... always. They just seem to fit quite well, in my mind. Nebel's a great song as well ^_^. The only songs on that albums that aren't favorites (but I still like) are Feuer Frei! and Rein Raus. They both just seem a bit off to me.

Posted by Alex @ 12/08/02 02:11 PM

I like all of Rein Raus, but I don't like how it leads into Adios. Well, I mean, it sounds okay, but the songs are about two totally different things. Yeah, Feuer Frei! doesn't fit too well with the album, but I like it, especially after I ordere the 3 Part UK Package.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/08/02 07:58 PM

Rein Raus is a good song, but it gets a little boring after a while. I don't like songs that have choruses that are just the same word/phrase repeated a few times. Kind of a let-down :\

Posted by Alex @ 12/09/02 02:23 PM

Kind of like Ich Will, huh? =P

Well, not really. I really like the part of Ich Will when Till shouts to the crowd. That's awesome. Rein Raus is good to listen to every now and then, but otherwise, it gets boring.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/09/02 05:01 PM

Könnt ihr mich hören?
Wir hören dich
Könnt ihr mich sehen?
Wir sehen dich
Könnt ihr mich fühlen?
Wir fühlen dich
Ich versteh euch nicht
I think that repeated twice is more bearable than "rein raus" over and over ;p

Ich Will's the main reason I want to see Rammstein live. Just to hear the audience ^_^

Posted by Alex @ 12/09/02 06:16 PM

Rammstein live would be awesome either way. Richard's guitar spewing fire during the Adios guitar solo (which I can play =D), etc.

Posted by Travis [w] @ 12/09/02 08:59 PM

True, the pyrotechnics in general would be quite a sight. But still... Ich Will live... mmmm...

Posted by Alex @ 12/10/02 08:39 PM

Yeah, who knows. That might actually make the show.

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