Posted by Travis on Saturday, November 30

up and running

The new domain,, is finally up. As of now, I am not going to do anything with domains or hosts. If everything's deleted, tough. I'm not moving again. I'm very, very tired of all of this. Thankfully, though, my host has been incredibly helpful with everything, far better than my last.

All subdomains are now active. will remain as is. I won't be transferring it, and once the year is up, it will be up for registration by anyone who wants it. This is the last domain I will ever own, hopefully.

At least this one's been fun working on. I recoded all of the PHP for the index, comments, and archive page, making one big page. Much easier for me to work with now. o_o

Haven't talked to Tea very much in the past few days. Very lonely online without her to talk to. God, I miss her. ;_;

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How to host a Minecraft server


Posted by Travis on Sunday, November 24


     In a perfect world, people in general will hear the album, be inspired and do something extraordinary. I hope someone might use us as a backdrop for inspiration for some other activity they excel in. I'm not going to spoon feed anybody and rob them of their own personal experiences. I read the interpretations of the lyrics that people send to the Tool web page. They're way off. But that's fine.
     I really do have more faith in humanity than most people think I do. I get resentful and upset when people don't use their head about stuff. It upsets me when people are selling themselves short and letting themselves down, whether it's education or information.

- Maynard James Keenan

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Posted by Travis on Saturday, November 16


It doesn't look like my domain is going to get transferred. I'm tired of bugging my host about it, as they don't respond. So I'm considering registering a new domain myself, so this will never be a problem again. Only problem is that I have no idea what kind of name to register. was the best I could do.

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Posted by Travis on Tuesday, November 12

Would you like to take another survey?

Full Name: Travis Michael Tschetter
Age: 16
DOB: 4/9/86
Hair Color/Length: brown, normal ?_?
Eye Color: blue-green
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 126 lbs

Bands: Tool, A Perfect Circle, Primus, Opeth, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, System of a Down, The Beatles
Colors: blue, gray
Songs: Sonne, Schism, Southbound Pachyderm, Just Like You Imagined
Clothing: t-shirt and shorts. Duh :p
Foods: chocolate, in any form.
Shows: The Simpsons, Malcom in the Middle, Futurama, King of the Hill, Premium Blend, The Daily Show, South Park
Movies: Spaceballs
Characters: Shinobu (Love Hina), Vicious & Faye (Cowboy Bebop), Aisha Clan Clan & Melfina (Outlaw Star), Priss Asagiri, Sylia Stingray, & Nene Romanova (Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040), bunch of others.
Comics: Sexy Losers
Scents: ... stuff that smells good. =P
Fantasy Creatures: CAT GIRLS! >_<
Sports: tennis, basketball, street hockey
Books: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Lord of the Rings
Video Games: Perfect Dark, any Legend of Zelda game

-Are you...-
A good kisser?: wouldn't know
Kinky?: Again, I wouldn't know.
Pretty?: Isn't that usually used as an insult to guys? -_-
Ugly?: Moreso than ''pretty''
Smart?: Yes.
Rebellious?: Not at all.
A freak?: Aside from Tea, the biggest freak I know.
Sexy?: No.
Wise?: Beyond my years, yes. In general, that's debatable.

-Do you...-
Drink?: No.
Smoke?: No.
Have sex?: Not yet. Soon, I hope.
Masturbate?: Do I really need to spell it out for you people? :p
Own a vibrator?: God, no.
Drive?: I have a lisence, but I don't drive.
Have a cell phone?: I hate them.
Have a computer?: No, I use my parents'
Have a signifigant other?: Possibly, but for now, I'll just say no.
Like candles?: I suppose.

List your turn-on's/likes/fetishes: Women. XD

Who are the most important 5 people to you? Mom & Dad, Michelle, Jason, Tea (;p)

What did you want to be when you grew up at the age of 7? A male prostitute. But that was before I knew what a prostitute actually was. Based on what I'd heard, I thought it was something to the effect of a clown.

What do you want to be now? Computer programmer

Would you ever marry your signifigant other?: When I find her, yes.

Do you believe in God?: I can't really answer that. It's not so much of a question of whether or not I believe in him, it's one of whether or not I care.

What religion are you?: None.

What would you do for a Klondike bar?: Buy one.

Who was your childhood hero?: Winnie the Pooh. -_-

Have you ever been to a strip club? If so, did you enjoy it?: Never been to one.

What size is/are your penis/breasts?: You'll find out if/when you see for yourself. =P

If you married your signifigant other, what would your full name be?: It'd still be Travis Michael Tschetter, as far as I'm concerned.

Which celebrity would you fuck when first catching glimpse at them?: If you know me at all, you'd realise I don't like this question. But if anybody, Halle Berry.

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Posted by Travis on Sunday, November 10


Mmmmnng... after checking over my site for miscellaneous problems (quite a few of which I found in my MySQL databse, which is actually getting large at this point), I discovered that I apparently entered in my own email address wrong in the CGI mailer. Meaning I haven't gotten any emails since whenever I did that. And now, for whatever reason, I can't access any CGI scripts, so it won't work at this point anyway.

So... <-- if you sent me a message sometime recently, send it to that address.

The MySQL gave me quite a few problems as well. I'm beginning to despise it again, but I don't feel like switching back to basic HTML. Ah well.

No school tomorrow, which I'm very thankful for. School's been a massive pain in the ass, and it's only the second quarter. I've got a D in physics, which my parents don't seem to mind. That freaked me out, because they usually yell at me if I get anything below a C average. That's really the only class I'm having trouble in. Too many damn equations to remember. =P I've got a 50-point paper to turn in for Composition, but I don't really feel like doing it... and it was due last Wednesday, so I'd probably get close to zero anyway. The joy of procrastination.

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Posted by Travis on Friday, November 8

dl or die!

Schism [ 6.21 MB, 6:47 ]

In the interest of broadening some musical horizons (and giving the few people that read this an idea of what it is I'm so obsessed about), I've uploaded my favorite Tool song, Schism. I'll be deleting it in a few days, so hurry up and download it =P

And happy birthday to Vince, even though it's a day late... I suck at remembering dates unless they're thrown at me several times a day.

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Posted by Travis on Wednesday, November 6

virgin quiz

What kind of virgin are you?

Good or bad, that's correct =P. And I refuse to face reality, based soley on the fact that I despise nearly everything about it.

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Posted by Travis on Tuesday, November 5

*kills self*

After countless hours working on the posting script for the blog, I discovered something. Nothing was wrong with it. There was some kind of bug in the MySQL database, so I had to do a little reworking there, but everything seems to be fine now.

I've also put all of my pages into a MySQL table, which makes it overall easier for me to manage. I'm really starting to love this db stuff, even though it's a pain in the ass when it doesn't want to work. And I have no idea what the hell any of it means, yet I'm still using it... @_@

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Posted by Travis on Saturday, November 2

Damned MySQL

I somehow messed up the PHP script I was using to post in the blog with my random editing. I tried reinstalling the freakishly small thing, but it still isn't working, so I have no idea what the hell I did. I've resorted to just adding the information directly to the MySQL database -_-


Edit: I got a damned little CJB.Net address set up, so at least this way once (actually, if) the domain's back up, people will know there's a permanent way to get to the site =P. And directories and crap work for that address, too ^_^;;

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Posted by Travis on Wednesday, October 30

new server

My previous host, 1UHOST, whose service was far below what was advertised, has proved to be the biggest mistake I've made in hosting decisions. Their network's been down for nearly three weeks straight at this point.

Anyway, new server and all. I've unfortunately lost two hostees, and I'm sure that won't be all. -_-;;

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Posted by Travis on Wednesday, October 16

Tool concert

Well, yesterday's concert was, by far, the greatest event of my life. It was actually the first concert I'd gone to. Since none of my friends are interested in Tool, I went with my sister. I was glad she went, because I'm fairly sure she's a fan at this point.

Anyway, my sister and I left at about 6:30. When we got to the arena, the parking lot was packed. Big surprise, huh? =P After being frisked, we went straight to our seats. We were much closer to the stage than I expected: we were in the nearest... fourth of the arena, I guess I'd say. There were about 4,900 people there, most of which were down in the pit. Nothing happened until 7:30, when the opening band, Meshuggah (who I'd never heard of) came on. All in all, they were a good band, but I didn't really like them. Most of their songs sounded the same: loud music and inaudible, screamed lyrics. They played for about 45 minutes. And then it took Tool about 15 or 20 minutes to set up, during which a girl flashed the stage (which nobody was on, other than the techs... loser -_-). The second Maynard stepped onto the stage, everybody went INSANE. The cheering was about as loud as the music.

Tool was absolutely amazing, as expected. Their opening song was Sober, one of my favorites. It was especially enjoyable because all of the songs sounded exactly as they did on the albums, aside from the obvious discrepancies that are common at live shows. I nearly started crying when The Grudge and Schism started. My sister actually got into the show more than I did; she was jumping around and screaming :P

Only a few things about the show bothered me. There was a large amount of drinking going on. I hate drinkers. One guy, who was about my dad's age, got so drunk he couldn't even stand up and had to be taken home by his wife. The epitome of pathetic, if you ask me. Why the hell would you spend $40 to get shit-faced during the first 20 minutes of a live show? There were also a lot of smokers. The insanely large amount of "no smoking" signs had absolutely no effect on these people. The guys sitting next to my sister were smoking pot. Fun fun fun. At one point, one of them spilled a glass of beer on her. I'm surprised she didn't beat the hell out of him.

Here's a full list of what they played: Sober, Stinkfist, Aenema, Forty-six and Two, Triad, Schism, Lateralus, The Grudge, Disposition, Reflection, Parabol, Parabola. I was hoping for The Patient as well, but no luck there.

Triad is only around 3 minutes long on the album, but they dragged it out to an agonizing 10 minutes, if not more. Disposition and Reflection (both of which have a lot more music than lyrics and are very long) were played one after the other. I wouldn't mind if they were played at different times, but the way things were, it was basically just a half-hour of nothing but music. No Maynard = bad.

If possible, I have even more respect for the members of Tool than I ever did. It was obvious they put a lot of energy into the show, which I really appreciate (being the small, "irrelevant" city that we are, I was half expecting a half-assed show). Maynard even gave a little spiel about how we should think for ourselves, just before Lateralus began. He also thanked us for "sharing this moment" with them ^_^

We left right after the show ended, at around 11:00 PM. I've never had so much fun in my life, and I'm not sure I ever will. It wasn't as loud as I'd hoped, though. =D

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Posted by Travis on Wednesday, October 9

Rammstein YAY @_@

I've finally gotten the Rammstein book I ordered from Amazon on Sunday. It's a lot bigger (in terms of the size of the pages and cover) than I expected. Unfortunately for me, it's nearly all pictures. There's a two-page biography of Till, which I don't think is going to be enough for me to use on my upcoming "famous person" speech. It's not even two full pages, each page is divided into two columns, one for German and one for English, so it's only one page... -_-

I got 10 out of 15 points on my notes today though. Very lucky for me, seeing as we needed four full pages, and I had less than one.

After looking quickly through the book, I've found my favorite picture: Till (of course) =P

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Posted by Travis on Sunday, October 6

MySQL = no

After several hours of messing around with MySQL and PHP interaction, I've decided I don't care that much. It takes far too long (for me, anyway) to get anywhere with the damned coding. Ah well, the MySQL server's having some massive problems at the moment ^_^;;

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Posted by Travis on Sunday, October 6

code stuff

Sweet Jesus, I want to make more changes @_@. All this comment crap is getting annoying to work on, so I'm going to try and set up a MySQL database for all of them (along with the posts), even though I despise MySQL... expect changes soon. And be disappointed when they don't happen.

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Posted by Travis on Saturday, October 5


I got a new mouse today, after several months of malfunctions from the old one. It's too accurate, though... when I click something, I get a reaction on the monitor. I'm not used to that. -_-;;

Highlight of my day... no school, though, so that was good.

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Posted by Travis on Thursday, October 3


Happy birthday to Sarah! (hope it's your birthday ^_^;;). I'd give you something if I had any idea as to what that something could be... the only thing I can think of is to offer to host you, but I'm already doing that =P

Anyways, feliz cumpleaños.

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Posted by Travis on Tuesday, October 1

shallow girls

I overheard a conversation between two girls in American history today.

Girl #1: So what do you look for in a guy?
Girl #2: Doesn't matter, as long as he's got a big dick.

Jesus Christ. If it wasn't for my polite upringing, I would've slapped her. I despise shallow people.

Since I seem to be swearing at least once every entry, I decided not to say "Jesus fucking Christ".... oh look, there it is. Fucking damnit...

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Posted by Travis on Sunday, September 29

more downtime

Two full days of downtime. Two fucking days. With my low amount of income, I can't afford a new host at the moment. And my parents can't (or won't, whichever) help me. Meaning I'm stuck with this one for another month, at least. It can be considered a good thing for me, I guess. I sure as hell won't use a cheap host with so many guarantees and support only through email again.

"If there were no rewards to reap,
No loving embrace to see me through
This tedious path I've chosen here,
I certainly would've walked away by now.
And I still may ... "

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Posted by Travis on Thursday, September 26

people suck

In Algebra II, last period of the day, I sit next to this annoying girl in the back of the room, right in front of the door. Every day, I lay my calculator on my desk in preparation for class (I have a TI 83+). She grabs it, fiddles with it, and then bitches at me to put the password in so she can play games. After a while, I just get tired of hearing her voice, so I do it.

Two days ago, she told me to go fuck myself because I wasn't talking to her much. I was actually happy to hear that, because I assumed it meant she'd leave me alone. God in heaven, what was I thinking? Yesterday, she grabbed my calc again. She gave it to me and told me to put in the password, and the guy that sits in front of me asked if he could play some of the games. Obviously, I gave it to him rather than her. For the next 15 minutes, she kept telling me I was an asshole. It felt so good to say "I really don't give a damn, stop talking to me." :)

Today, she was still talking to me. And my friends wonder why I hate people. *awaits armageddon*

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Posted by Travis on Monday, September 23


Tool - Schism

I know the pieces fit cuz I watched them fall away
mildewed and smoldering, fundamental differing,
pure intention juxtaposed will set two lovers souls in motion
disintegrating as it goes testing our communication
the light that fueled our fire then has burned a hole between us so
we cannot see to reach an end crippling our communication.

I know the pieces fit cuz I watched them tumble down
no fault, none to blame it doesn't mean I don't desire to
point the finger, blame the other, watch the temple topple over.
To bring the pieces back together, rediscover communication.

The poetry that comes from the squaring off between,
And the circling is worth it.
Finding beauty in the dissonance.

There was a time that the pieces fit, but I watched them fall away.
Mildewed and smoldering, strangled by our coveting
I've done the the math enough to know the dangers of a second guessing
Doomed to crumble unless we grow, and strengthen our communication

cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion

between supposed lovers
between supposed brothers.

And I know the pieces fit.

After buying a shirt from the official Tool site (this'n), I felt the need to plug them. So.. there you go =P

Even though this is worth making a new entry for, I don't feel like making one, so I'll just edit it into this one. I've got a new hostee, Yuna (as I know her :p). I swear this is the last one now...

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Posted by Travis on Monday, September 23

COMMENTS!!1! and stuff

Tea finally got me to enable comments on this thing. You better leave some, then! It took nearly all day to get it working, mainly because I kept wandering over to the TV for half-hour increments...

I aslo added a dotted border to the individual entries. If you can't see it, your browser sucks.

Still need to do my physics homework, but I've come to the conclusion that I do not like physics. My teacher's awesome, but I can't figure out what the hell I'm doing.

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Posted by Travis on Sunday, September 22


More than a full day of downtime for the server. I realize that there are sometimes complications, but what the hell? 99% uptime guarantee, 24/7 monitored network... hmm, interesting how a network that's down for a full day is monitored all the time. I'm also beginning to think that uptime guarantee only applies to the first day, possibly the first week. Everything on my host's site is a complete lie, and I'll be switching to a new one. In 10 months. -_-

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Posted by Travis on Thursday, September 19


One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all
And in the darkness fucking bind that shit, motherfucker!!
I just had to post that, I found it unbelievably funny ^_^

If you're curious, it came up in a discussion about people who swear far too often.

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Posted by Travis on Friday, September 13

Tool concert

15 OctSioux FallsSDUSSioux Falls Arena

Yes, there is a God. ^_^ Getting the tickets tomorrow, I'm apparently going to the concert with my sister. At least I don't have to go alone -_-

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Posted by Travis on Thursday, September 12

hosting Chelle

Wow, another hostee: Chelle. A friend of mine I met at Tea's board ^_^. Hmm, that makes 10 hostees now @_@ Lucky little Chelley, I probably won't be taking any more for a while. XD

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Posted by Travis on Wednesday, September 11

school service

We had a kind of memorial service today for 9/11. If you haven't heard, there's something called the Rolling Requiem, where schools in different time zones play some piece of music (I'm guessing it has "Requiem" in the name somewhere) at 8:46. The orchestra and the chorus were amazing. I honestly was hoping they'd perform more, they were very talented. We had a few speakers in between some segments of the music. Overall, the service was about an hour long.

I had to read a children's book to a small group of students in speech class today. The book wasn't very long, but my throat was still sore. That should give you an idea of how very little I talk throughout the day :p

That's about it. The girl that sits next to me in Algebra II still thinks I'm "cranky" because I don't talk to her throughout the entire period. I hate her -_-

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Posted by Travis on Wednesday, September 11

hosting Tea

Finally got Tea to let me host her :p. Other than that, not much is different, I just added a link button and some links, edited a few pages, and took out the "stuff" section.

Today, school starts at 7:30. But it lets out at 12:30, so I don't mind ^_^;;

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Posted by Travis on Saturday, September 7

hostees size

I decided to see how much space each of my hostees was taking up today. Even though I'm using week-old files as a reference... it's not like that much has changed :p

animeking - 3.82 MB
animelife - 3.19 MB
eternal - 5.06 MB
here - 2.72 MB
nafftastic - 5.40 MB
ravage - 14.4 KB
sarah - 5.38 MB
ssjbigguy - 95.58 MB

Bigguy's was far too big for me to download myself, so I just added up the other totals (along with my stuff, which is about 12.4 MB) and subtracted them from the overall total, 121.16 MB. Most of those surprised me =P

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Posted by Travis on Thursday, September 5

hitchhiker thanks

"I rather like the book I'm reading (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), it's really the only genuinely funny thing I've come across for a while."

I'd just like to say a huge 'thank you' to Sarah for being so obsessive over Arthur Dent and Douglas Adams, otherwise I wouldn't have read it. Thank you! ^_^;;

Still waiting for Claire to add an entry. BLOG, DAMN IT! :|

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Posted by Travis on Sunday, September 1

long list survey

1) What do you WISH you'd been named?
Maynard. I'm so obsessed with Tool @_@

2) Who's the coolest person you know?
Tea, by far ;). But anyone and everyone I like is cool.

3) What was the best compliment you've ever been given?
"you're one of the best looking guys I've seen" Yes, I'm sure she was just saying that to make me feel better. God bless her ^_^

4) When you use emoticons online, or write *smiles*, do you actually laugh?
Usually. I sometimes just do it to annoy people and/or make them think I'm interested in what they're saying.

5) What is something no one knows about you that they may find surprising?
I'm very antisocial. *gasp* I have no secrets.

6) What song are you embarassed to say you like?
"With Arms Wide Open" by Creed. I can't tell you how much shit I've been given for liking that song.

7) What is the most beautiful thing you've ever heard?
No idea. I have a horrible memory, so I don't even know if I've ever heard something that beautiful.

8) What is the funniest inside joke you've ever been a part of?
Sadly, something to do with my grandpa. It's not funny unless you know him.

9) What's your BIG dream?
Play guitar in a rock band. It could happen... :p

10) If you could be surprised with ONE THING, what would it be?
A plane ticket to somewhere none of you need to know.

11) When you die, do you want to be remembered?
That depends. I'd love to be remembered for doing something great, but not for something horrible (like accidentally killing the President).

12) If you could make a music video for ANY song, what song would it be?
"My Pal Foot Foot". No matter what I do, it'll go great with the song.

13) Do you think you're pure?
I suppose. I just have an enormous amount of impure thoughts...

14) What does it take for you to trust someone?
Very little. Don't screw me over and I'll trust you.

15) When do you know you're grown up?
When I'm able to look back and laugh at how much of an idiot I was.

16) What-if anything-makes you cry guaranteed?
Nothing I can think of.

17) What do you think of babies?
Very annoying. Tend to be evil.

18) If you could visit one place on Earth, what would it be?
Germany or Japan.

19) What can you not WAIT to be invented?
Battery-powered vagina... oh wait, those do exist...

20) What skill would you love to have?
What the hell? @_@ To be able to program a computer...?

21) What kind of humour do you like?
Perverted. Take a look at Sexy Losers and you'll see what I like.

22) What's the most embarassing thing you've ever done?
Got caught doing you-know-what by my sister. Several times.

23) Are bones cracking cool or gross?
Gross. Anybody that thinks it's cool is a dumbass. =D

24) What can you do that no one else can?
Be me?

25) What was the best kiss you've EVER had?
-_-;; I hate you.

26) Who's your role model?
My dad, I'd say.

27) Do you like kids?
If they're older than six, maybe.

28) Why do you dress the way you do?
Because I don't care.

29) What kinds of movies are the best?
Sci-fi. And comedies.

30) Do you think your life is good?
Yeah, but it could be far better.

31) What do you think people envy about you?
My dead-sexy body. My HTML "skills", even though it's not that hard to learn :p

32) Are mimes annoying?
Direct descendants of Satan himself.

I'm so bored. It's Sunday and nobody's on. DAMN YOU ALL! >_<

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Posted by Travis on Sunday, September 1

dent fanlisting

I've joined Sarah's Arthur Dent fanlisting... just started reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy last Tuesday, so I'm not all that knowledgeable about Arthur yet, but what the hell? =P

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Posted by Travis on Saturday, August 31

new layout

The time has come once again to downgrade my site. Amazing, isn't it? I did manage to keep the last layout for longer than a week. It seems like a month since I last redesigned it, but I couldn't wait that long. Haha. *kills self* I'm not all that sure why I consider this an actual layout, especially when compared to my layouts, which I loved.

I finally talked to Tea last night. I've barely talked to her all week, so it was quite the surprise to be online when she popped in ^_^. We had a nice long chat, about 3 & 1/2 hours. I wonder if we'll ever crack our record (which is about nine hours, I think @_@). Damn school is keeping me away from her... may have to start neglecting my homework if this keeps up.

In case you couldn't figure it out, school's been keeping me pretty busy. I'm usually only online for a few hours a day due to the large amount of homework I've been getting. Speech class is the worst I'm taking, by far. I absolutely cannot stand giving speeches, but the class is required. Funny how that works =P

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Posted by Travis on Tuesday, August 27

first day of school

Today was the first day of school. All I'll say is that I completely hate school and most of the students, so it wasn't exactly enjoyable for me. Of course, nothing ever is.

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Posted by Travis on Friday, August 23

Arnold's Park

My family (my parents and my sister) and I went to a theme park in Iowa called Arnold's Park, which is about 2 hours from where we live. Best theme park in existence. We've been there quite a few times, but it's been years since the last time. We all love the rollercoaster, which we went on a minimum of 25 times throughout the day. We stayed on it for about 6 rides each time ^_^. My sister kept bugging my dad to scream on it, so once we got past the first hill, he leaned forward until his face was almost between the heads of the two girls in front of him and screamed as loud as he could. Funniest thing I've seen on any of the trips. =P His throat got very sore after that, though. We went on a bunch of dizzying rides in a row, so I was fairly close to puking nearly all day. My sister talked me into going on the Zipper (think of a Ferris wheel but with pivoting cages instead of gondolas) with her. I hate her for it. She refused to release the break, so we stayed completely stationary and went upside down every damn time around. -_- After about 3 hours of that, we walked over to a Godfathers and bought a massive pizza. The four of us only finished half of it. Midnight snack, I guess.

Nothing else happened today, other than I came home and discovered I couldn't access Tea's board. I'm bored out of my mind.

And only three days until school starts. Damn it all, I have to take speech first semester. I hate people very much and also talking to them. So this is going to be a very bad experience for me. But I'm starting C++ this semester as well, so I guess that's good. All of my other classes are basically required. My mom's still a little angry that I don't want to drive myself to school, but I don't see the point. I'd probably end up parking in a no-parking zone and getting a ticket anyway. Besides, it's not like my grandpa has anything else to do...

I'm also going to see the new Austin Powers movie tomorrow. With this guy. Might as well get some more fun in before hell begins.

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Posted by Travis on Wednesday, August 21

modem problems

Today was not fun. Last night (or early this morning, whatever), there was a large thunder storm. Apparently, my modem was shocked at some point and became worthless. I couldn't do anything about it that late in the night, so I went to bed. My parents didn't get home until about 5:00 PM, and they were annoyed when I explained the problem. I told them we should just buy a new modem... did they listen? No. =D After about 3 hours of messing around and calling two of my uncles, they figured we should buy a new one (amazing!), so my dad and I went to Best Buy and bought one. And now I am online. Would've been so much easier if they'd just listened to me to begin with. -_-;;

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Posted by Travis on Friday, August 16

Event Horizon

I've decided not to take anymore hostees. My host has been a little iffy on some issues and I don't want to jeopardize my site or current hostees. :|

I watched Event Horizon for the second time in my life last night. Jesus, it was worse than I remembered. This time around, I played the whole video-log scene in slow motion. God, that was disgusting. By far the most disturbing scene in the movie... though seeing Sam Neill with his eyes ripped out was pretty sickening, too. I kind of want to watch it again... kill me >_<

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Posted by Travis on Thursday, August 15


I decided to use GreyMatter. It's much better than Blogger, but it was incredibly annoying setting up my old entries >_<. But now it's much easier to add and change crap. Yay. =P

Worship Tea. And post here and make Kit happy @_@

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Posted by Travis on Wednesday, August 14

redesign/school start

Hoo-ah! Redesigned the site to the simplest form I could think of... and added a stupid little barcode thingy. I swear to God I am not touching the layout (aside from minor changes) for at least a month.

School starts in a little over a week. SHIT !! I hate school with a passion. Even though all I do is stare at my desk and/or the door. I don't even do homework usually. But I nearly failed 3 classes last year, so my parents are buckling down this time around... fun fun fun.

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Posted by Travis on Wednesday, August 14

Blogger sucks

I decided that Blogger sucks. Very, very much. So I'm coding all of this by hand, which is going to get fucking annoying once this thing gains a few more entries (especially if when I redesign).

I hate having a website.

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Posted by Travis on Monday, August 12


Blogger is evil :p. I spent 20 minutes just sorting this damn thing out... that is all.

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Posted by Travis on Saturday, August 10

love LAD

I love LAD

Other than that, nothing much to say :p. I'll be deleting my hosting account later today.

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Posted by Travis on Monday, August 5

email access

I finally got into my email account ^_^. I remembered that the entire email system was set up on and found the directory for users, and went from there. Took too damn long for me to remember that, though :p

Tea came back today. That was quite a nice surprise finding her online after waking up from sleeping all day. :D

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Posted by Travis on Sunday, August 4

no email access 2

I still can't get into my email. Wonder if anybody's actually mailed me :p. is pure evil. And in complete control of whether or not I can read my email. Damn it all! >_<

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Posted by Travis on Saturday, August 3

no email access

I can't access my email account. That pisses me off beyond belief. :P Seeing as I'll be deleting the old site within a week, and less than half of my hostees have replied to my email, they're probably going to be screwed. No more hostees? @_@

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Posted by Travis on Friday, August 2


I started to miss all the PHP from the old site, so I recoded this'n :p. Much easier for me, I suppose. Though it was a hassle to go through the pages and take out and put in misc coding.

I also added a section for anime reviews. I won't add to that very often, it took me a few weeks just to right the AMG review XD.

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Posted by Travis on Friday, August 2

huge survey

Well, I just got done talking to Tea for over two hours, even though she was only supposed to be on for one. :p Anyway, just to take up some room, here's a little questionare thingy I filled out a while ago. Obviously, some of the answers have probably changed.

1) Starting time: 9:27 pm
2) Name: Travis
2a) Who named you?: My parents.
2b) Date of Birth: April 9, 1986
3) Nick names: Tony, Gui, Big Baby Gui, Tone Dog, and even dumber ones.
4) E-mail:,
5) Zodiac Sign: Aries
6) Are you gay: No
7) Gone out in pajamas?: No
8) Who makes you laugh?: Chris Farley, Love Hina
9) Set any body part on fire for amusement?: Nope
10) Kept a secret from everyone?: Yes
11) Had an imaginary friend: I can't remember, but most likely.
12) Cried during a flick: Yes
13) Had a crush on a teacher: Yep
14) Ever thought an animated character was hot?: Many, many, MANY times.
15) Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the Block tape?: Hell no.
16) Prank called someone: No
17) Been on stage: No

18) Shampoo: No preference
19) Colors: Black, blue
20) Day or night: Night
21) Summer/Winter: Winter... just by a little.
22) Lace or satin: Satin
23) Cartoon Character: Rei Ayanami
24) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No
25) Who have you known the longest out of your friends: Logan, 5 years.
26) Who's the loudest: Fish.
27) Who's the shyest: Me, sadly.
29) Who do you go to for advice: My friends...
30) Who do you get the most surveys from?: Nobody in particular.
31) Who do you cry with: I cry in private.

*****Have you lately:*****
32) Cried: No
33) Cut your hair: Just last week
34) Worn a skirt: No... I swear!!
35) Been with a woman/man?: No
36) Been sarcastic?: Yes. All the time.
37) Met someone new: Eh, just online.
38) Missed someone: Yes
39) Hugged someone: Yes (not willfully)
40) Fought with your parents?: No
41) Wished upon a star?: No
42) Laughed until you cried: Yes, at a David Copperfeild show
43) Watched a sunrise: Nope
44) Played Truth or Dare: No
45) Went to the beach?: I live in the middle of the US. Figure it out
46) Perform a sexual favor?: No
47) Read a book for fun: Yes
48) Are you happy: Yes
49) Are you talking to someone online: Yes, two people.

50) God/Devil: Can't answer, because I don't know.
51) Love: Yes
52) The Closet Monsters: No
53) The Big Bang Theory: Could have happened, but I don't know.
54) Heaven/Hell: Read #50
55) Superstitions: No

58) Backstreet Boys or N Sync?: BSB
59) Do you want to get back together with any of your old gf/bf's?: No
60) What song are you listening to right now?: Godsmack - Awake
61) What is beside you right now?: A big-ass hole.
62) What are the last 4 digits in your phone number?: 2811
63) What was the last thing that you ate?: A sloppy joe.
64) Do you find Josh Hartnett attractive?: Yes. Please read #6 again.
65) How many buddies do you have on your list?: Around 150 on AIM, MSN, ICQ (2), and YIM (1) combined.
66) What did you do last night?: Absolutely nothing.
67) What's the best thing that you like about the opposite sex?: Talking to them. So.. personality. And the eyes. And smile. Everything, damn it!
68) Do you like OREO'S?: Yes
69) Do you love the person who sent this to you: I like her...
70)Dream car?: One that moves.
71) Have you ever won any special awards?: No
72) How's the weather right now?: Pretty nice.
73) What do you wanna be when you grow up?: Computer programmer.
74) What are your future goals?: I have none. No chance of disappointment.
75) Favorite music?: Rock
76)Favorite food?: Pizza... I guess.
77) Favorite movie(s)?: Spaceballs.
78) Favorite guys/girls cologne/perfume?: Whatever.
79) Do you like to dance?: No
80) Fast or slow?: Slow.
81) If you could change your name what would it be?: Till
82) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: No
83) What is the stupidest thing you've ever done?: Told my mom to go fuck herself. Bad idea.
84) First daughters name?: Rei, most likely.
85) Favorite drink??: Dr. Pepper
86) Do you like scary or happy movies better: Happy
87) If you could change something about yourself what would it be?: Loose the gut
88) Do you consider cheerleading a sport?: No
89) Do you want your friends to do this survey?: Sure...
90) Favorite day of this year?: Can't remember what day it was...
91) Favorite brand?: Bandai?
92) Favorite band?: Rammstein, Adema, System of a Down, Weird Al
93) Ending time?: 9:57 pm

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Posted by Travis on Thursday, August 1

blog reason

There's no way I'm going to be posting in this thing as often as I am once everyone gets settled in :p. I've set up FTP accounts for three people so far. Send the emails, dammit! >_<

In case you're wondering, the main reason I've got this blog here is because people kept bitching at me for not having any content on my last site. I've wanted a blog of sorts for a while now, so I figured what the hell. But it's my domain and I will do whatever the hell I want with it ^_^

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Posted by Travis on Thursday, August 1

Tea's gone

Tea may be gone for a few days. That makes me very sad ;_;. Actually, I'm glad that she'll be getting back to the US soon, so we'll hopefully be able to chat during the day instead of the middle of the night :p. And I shall reign supreme at her board until she gets back :X

I should probably email my hostees about setting up the FTP account. -_-;;

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Posted by Travis on Thursday, August 1

uploaded files

As of now, I've finished uploading all files from the old site aside from those of two hostees. Waiting for the damn nameserver to update at this point -_-. Once that happens, I need to create the FTP accounts and subdomains, after emailing my hostees for the correct information. Not that I mind a whole hell of a lot, it was my decision to move in the first place. Yep... new domains are fun ^_^

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